Summertime – Camp Covington 4th & 5th Graders

It is summertime here at the World Affairs Council and we went back into the classroom for the first time since COVID-19 shutdown the world! Students grabbed their passports and discovered many countries this summer at Camp Covington. We partnered with The Center for Great Neighborhoods to make this happen for the students.

Let’s explore!

Each student received a culture box full of art supplies and instructions on how to make traditional artwork from Senegal, Guatemala, and Bosnia. The kids also received a new book about the world!

Together, we went into all 5 elementary schools in Covington, KY by visiting a new school each week. In the classroom, the kids:

  • Raced to build the world
  • Learned about animals
  • Explored a new country, and
  • Picked out their very own book about the world!

International volunteers from China, India, Senegal, and Mali met with the kids to share about their country’s culture while also creating an art project such as Chinese Lanterns, Rangoli, or Kente!

We could not have done this without our generous volunteers and donors! You made a BIG difference this summer!

Kids could continue learning and not hit that summer slump.

We had a wonderful book store partner in Covington – Roebling Point Books and Coffee. You can still explore the store, buy a global book for the kids, and enjoy some coffee and snacks. 

The summer was all about meeting new people from around the world, local books about cultures, local kids, and global stories!

Thank you to those who supported these summertime adventures! You may still support this initiative by clicking here to donate.

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